Risk Adjustment

Improve HCC Risk Adjustment Documentation and Reduce Missed Revenue

Patients with serious or chronic illnesses covered by the Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) CMS payment model require extra steps of diagnosis and treatment documentation. These extra steps are critical to your health system getting paid. You can confidently treat these conditions for your patients knowing that our coding experts have your back.

Once we have helped you tackle HCC Risk Adjustment Coding, we can ensure that you are well prepared for audits that determine future revenue. HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment Models are here to stay. Don’t miss out on your billable revenue by not taking all the needed steps these special cases require. Peak can help make sure that you can focus on your patients while we protect your bottom line.

Why Turn to Peak for HCC Risk Adjustment Expertise?

  • Maintain accurate documentation and coded diagnosis for HCC covered patients
  • Ensure proper reimbursement for HCC covered patients
  • Prepare your system to easily pass annual HCC Audits

Through accurate HCC coding and smart management of Risk Adjustment Documentation, Peak can help you stay on top of all the steps needed to document HCC covered patients and maximize reimbursements for their care.

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Let us manage your HCC Coding and Auditing processes to help your organization improve reimbursements from Risk Adjustment health plans!

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