Peak Health Solutions Specializes in Connecting the Right Coder with the Right Client to Improve Coding Efficiency and Denials Management

Our proven, experienced and credentialed coding team can help take your production coding to the next level. In fact, we firmly believe coding isn’t coding the Peak way unless it’s done right. That dedication to coding excellence is one of many reasons that Peak Health Solutions was recently named Category Leader for Outsourced Coding in the 2017 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services Annual Report.

With experts in all hospital and professional fee work types, including the highest acuity settings, Peak can provide invaluable production coding expertise where you need it most. Our coding managers and expert coders are dedicated to helping you maintain excellence. Ongoing, rigorous performance monitoring and feedback through the detailed weekly Peak Performance dynamic dashboard helps us do that so you can stay on top of your coding.

Mitigate Cash Flow Disruption and Improve Appeal Recovery Rates with Denials Management from Peak Health Solutions

The number one reason today that Hospitals receive denials on their Outpatient (OP) Claims is due to a lack of justifying medical necessity requirements. Diagnoses that are submitted for these OP procedures must qualify based on evidence-based standards of care. Inpatient (IP) claims are most often denied based on target Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs), target diagnosis or target procedures. With our seasoned and experienced OP and IP credentialed auditors we can help you manage your coding denials and improve your appeal rates, increasing your cash flow and ROI.

Why turn to Peak for Production Coding Expertise and Denials Management?

  • Front-end discovery process to match you with just the right coders to meet your needs
  • Improved workflows and efficiencies for an immediate positive ROI
  • Proactive Quality Assurance to reduce revenue risk with continuous monitoring of quality metrics specifically designed to match your clinical setting
  • Denials addressed in a timely manner by a dedicated Coding Denial Specialist
  • Successful overturn rate for coding denials through strong appeal letters written by physicians on staff who review documentation and verify accuracy and diagnosis

We take our role as an industry leader seriously. Our Healthcare Information Management (HIM), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and coding professionals are distinguished experts in a variety of settings. Improving your coding efficiency and reducing denial rates is part of our DNA. With over a decade of operating history and a business built on coding, you can have peace of mind turning to Peak for all your Production coding needs.

What Our Customers Say:

“Peak IP & OP coders reduced DNFB by $78.2M for a large Midwest hospital system.”
“It took Peak only 45 days to bring a client’s $56M DNFB current and clear SLR queues.”

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