Significantly Reduce Costs and Improve Quality with an Experienced, Professional Global Coding Solution

Health Information Management (HIM) Directors and CFOs are seeking innovative ways to reduce expenses, maintain DNFB goals, and increase overall coder quality. Our Global Coding Solution was designed to encompass all 3 of those initiatives and provide our partners with the highest performing, cost-effective platform available on the market. A Global and Domestic blended approach can increase coding accuracy and reduce DNFB days and coding denials.

Sacrificing quality is something we refuse to do at Peak and that’s a key component in our Global Coding success. Our commitment to quality ensures that every coding team member maintains an industry-leading accuracy level and has dedicated U.S. Coding Managers to monitor workflow, work queues, coding productivity and quality.

Security of Patient Health Information (PHI), Data, Network, Hardware, Software and Physical Infrastructure are all top priorities for Peak. With a Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Program in place, Global Coders maintain the same high-security standards as Domestic Coders with dedicated ISO 27001 certified HIPAA Compliance Officers at each facility.

Why Turn to Peak for Global Coding Solutions?

  • Fast, Accurate Coding Supplement with Onshore Oversight
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure industry-leading accuracy levels
  • Efficient time-shifted coding
  • Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Program

What can you expect from supplemental Global Coding resources with dedicated compliance measures from Peak?

  • Seamless Transition
  • Customized Project Plan
  • Proven Multi-Layered Management Team
  • Weekly Client Touch Point Calls
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Performance Dashboard

Peak Global Coders are an invaluable supplement to existing coding teams in the U.S. Quick, reliable turnaround times, dedicated compliance measures and a no-compromise approach to quality all make Peak Global Coding Solutions the perfect choice to positively impact your bottom line.

What Our Customers Say:

“Peak IP & OP coders reduced DNFB by $78.2M for a large Midwest hospital system.”

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