Ensure your Coders Reach the Next Level with a Tailored, Coder Education Preceptorship Program

Peak Health Solutions provides a flexible, robust, customized approach to new coder education. We can help you equip your new coders to become quickly proficient and advance your current outpatient coding base to prepare them to become today’s leading inpatient coders. Experienced coders or recent graduates can stay current with the latest coding practices and help you ensure coding remains accurate and efficient.

Through our systemic approach and pool of subject matter experts, we deliver a preceptorship program that provides consistent, customized training to shape your medical coder education program to meet your organizational goals.

Why turn to Peak for your coder education preceptorship program?

  • Resources to provide fully educated and proficient backfill roles while your new coder hires receive the training needed
  • Prepare your new hires for a career of coding with your organization, increasing productivity and retention rates
  • Individualized training for recent graduates or individuals wanting to advance to the next level in your organization’s Coding career ladder

Through a comprehensive preceptorship program, our subject matter experts can quickly take your new hires through a systemic, customized training experience to ensure they are properly prepared to excel in your organization.

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