AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions – Claims Editing

Improve Payment Accuracy and Reduce Missed Revenue by Avoiding Claim Denials in the First Place

In today’s multifaceted healthcare environment, it is vital to ensure that your organization has an accurate capture of clean claims on the front end, allowing you to increase your overall cash flow and receive timely reimbursement for services provided.

AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions can help accelerate your claims work queue with quick, accurate turnaround times allowing you to stay under your DNFB goals. More claims can be submitted correctly the first time to minimize denials and provide a much-needed boost to cash flow.

Why Turn to AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions for Claims Editing?

  • Submit accurate claims the first time, reducing rework and resubmissions
  • Proactively pinpoint missed revenue opportunities for timely reimbursements
  • Minimize claim denials and A/R days while increasing claim complexity

Through improved claims processing and reduced claim denials, your organization can be on its way to reduced expenses, increased revenues and accurate reimbursements today!

What Our Customers Say:

“It took Peak only 45 days to bring a client’s $56M DNFB current and clear SLR queues.”

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