Case Management

Ensure Patient Care Is Timely and Efficient from Admission to Discharge Through Highly Skilled Case Management Professionals from Peak

We understand that to our patients, healthcare is more than just another industry or hospital location. It’s about a wellness plan, a path to healing and the people that make that treatment possible. That’s where dedicated Managers and Utilization Review Nurses can make a dramatic difference.

Our skilled team brings expertise in Discharge Planning that will ensure all patient discharge needs are assessed and re-assessed to provide a safe and effective discharge plan. Peak’s professional team is trained to coordinate and promote the care management continuum. Our Case Managers will focus on reducing penalties associated with patient readmissions by providing optimal delivery of integrated services.

Why Turn to Peak for Case Management?

  • Peak Case Managers are highly skilled in all Case Management functions: Care Coordination, Clinical Resource Management, Utilization Review and Discharge Planning.
  • Peak Utilization Review Nurses are knowledgeable in InterQual and Milliman criteria to assist you with pre-certifications, concurrent and retrospective reviews. We can also help improve denials tracking and appeals.
  • Peak Case Managers are highly trained to ensure patients’ psychological needs are met, and interventions are modified to meet established patient goals, facilitate community agency referrals and to assist patient family or caregivers with both present and future needs.

Give your patients the best care possible through Case Managers and Utilization Review Nurses from Peak that are highly trained and deeply motivated.

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Let expert Case Management professionals from Peak Health Solutions help you create a caring environment that helps patients receive efficient, dedicated and timely care.

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