Operate at your Peak Performance with the Leading National Provider of Mid-Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our skilled and experienced Health Information Management (HIM) experts are dedicated to delivering customized, mid-revenue cycle solutions to overcome every Medical Coding, Consulting, Clinical Documentation or Auditing challenge. We understand that quality coding and complete, accurate documentation can dramatically improve the outcomes of a hospital or healthcare provider’s business. We work diligently to partner you with the right coding and health information management experts, ensuring that you reach your peak performance.

Peak Domestic Production Solutions:

Accurate, Reliable Production Coding Solutions to Boost Your Bottom Line

Matching highly-skilled medical coders and auditors to meet your specific needs through our managed model is a science we take seriously. Whether you need full production coding solutions, objective third-party auditing, claims editing, vendor management or denial management solutions, Peak can match you with trained professionals who are experts and leaders in their field. We’ll assess your specific needs to find just the right talent fit for success and provide you continuous, detailed, results-oriented feedback.

Our experienced, credentialed coders and auditors are passionate about ongoing training. We pay constant attention to new trends and processes that will help you win every day in this highly regulated and ever-changing healthcare industry. Our combined focus on education and exceptional quality can deliver a boost to your measured productivity, giving you immeasurable value and confidence.

Peak Consulting Solutions:

Unlock the True Potential of your Middle Revenue Cycle

Our experienced HIM and EMR experts can evaluate all the elements of your middle revenue cycle to enhance your business strengths and recommend customized solutions that help improve cash flow. Customized preceptorship programs can provide flexible, robust education for new coders to become quickly proficient or even work to transition existing outpatient coders into leading inpatient coders.

Peak’s consulting and senior education professionals are dedicated to the healthcare industry and most importantly to helping you succeed. If you need independent and objective auditing, CDI development or enhancement, physician education, EMR or HIM department optimization, tailored coder education preceptorship programs, or even HIM management professional leadership to bridge the gap between hires or take you to the next level, Peak can provide you the expertise, resources and leadership needed to help your business reach its Peak.

Peak Global Solutions:

Significantly Reduce Costs without Compromising Quality or Productivity with Peak’s US Managed Coding Model using Professional and Experienced Global Coders

Through full or partial offshore capabilities, we serve the unique coding, staffing and clinical document improvement needs of our clients, but where others draw the line, we push the limits to succeed.

Through hard work and dedication, we work diligently to ensure that our offshore coding solutions fit seamlessly within your workflow and meet your needs. By managing offshore talent for you, you never have to worry about balancing languages or time zones. We’ll handle all that for you and use the time shifts to your advantage to keep things running smoothly in your off hours.

Quality and security are our highest priorities, and every offshore partnership is coupled with rigorous onshore quality assurance management teams. By providing unparalleled, customized coding and staffing solutions for every level, we can stand proudly with you at the top knowing we overcame every obstacle to help you succeed.

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