Why Peak?

The Differentiators

Customer Service
As a key differentiator with Peak Health Solutions,  exceptional customer service comes from a corporate culture that values employee education and fosters growth within the company. Our staff is motivated by our mission and passes that enthusiasm to our clients.

Consultative Approach
Our client relationships are the backbone of our company. We work on an individual basis with our clients to create a customized and scalable solution, ensuring that each organization’s needs are not only met, they are exceeded.

Customizable End-to-End Solutions
By offering the combination of coding, auditing and education services we are able to create a personalized coding solution that is scalable and customized to each client. Whether you need a portion of our services portfolio or a comprehensive solution, we have the expertise and scalability to meet your needs.

Peak Results

Reduced Accounts Receivable
By streamlining the coding process through increased coding accuracy, providing comprehensive auditing solutions, and targeted educational training, we can significantly reduce the volume of accounts receivable and help increase and maintain your organization’s liquid capital.

Decreased Turnaround Time
Our national network of highly-trained and qualified Coders and Managers affords Peak the ability to work virtually around the clock to provide our clients with the most accurate and timely coding and auditing services possible, matching the quick pace of your organization’s business.

Increased Accuracy & Productivity

A Proven Return on Investment
With a 99% client satisfaction rate, Peak Health Solutions,  exceeds the industry quality standards for coding and compliance services.  From achievement of project timelines to quality standards and overall client satisfaction, we don’t just promise exceptional results, we financially guarantee them.